Infinity Networking is dedicated to doing business in an ethical and sustainable manner to meet the needs of a vast range of industries. Our IT’s businesses range from small and medium enterprises
We offer and supply a wide range of products ranging from laptops to AI systems. Therefore we can guarantee the highest quality.
Our Services
IT Support

We offer a wide range of local business support services from procurement, rentals and maintenance 

Data Centre Management

We have a wide range offers not limited to the following 

  1. Data Centre Infrastructure Management 
  2. Server room design design and construction
  3. Consolidation and Relocation (migrating hardware between data centres)

Network Management

We offer a wide range of integrated networking solutions.

Structured Cabling

Our cabling solutions encompass the full range of Coaxial, UTP, STP FTP, Single and Multi-mode Fibre optic cables

Fibre Optic Cabling

With the skill that we have, we're able to offer

  1. Fibre Optics Services 
  2. indoor and Outdoor installations
  3. Splicing
Security Services

Our technical staff specialise in the following fields not limited to  

  1. CCTV Cameras
  2. Alarm Installations 
  3. Gate Automation
  4. Electric Fence
  5. Intercom
  6. Electrical Installation
All Our Product and Solutions
We make IT happen 

Network, Cabling and Installations

Telephonic System and Equipment

WiFi and Cyber Security Implementation

Information and Infrastructure Security 

Project Management

ICT Software Development

Maintenance and Support

featured Services

We work with the most  reputable preferred brands to bring you the best hardware available at the best price. 

Phone Systems

Voice over IP has became mainstream technology. Bring your business tools ogether into an integrated system that facilitates seamless communication. 


Infinity Networking is a leading provider of innovative enterprise business software solutions.